Pelham, Al Event Decorating And Convention Or Expo Professional Services

At Southeastern Convention Services, Inc., we’ve had over 20 years experience in planning, setting up, and running successful events. We’ve helped with every size and type of event and know all the ins and outs of event coordinating. From beginning to final cleanup, our team is ready to help you succeed!

Event Consulting in Pelham

When you need planning, design, and consulting for your event, you need us here at Southeastern Convention Services. Our expert event coordinators have all the experience required to run a successful function. Whether it’s a corporate event, social event, community event, or private celebration, our professionals can help you with any stage from planning to cleanup.

Let us help you coordinate and execute your event and you’ll find a team of inspired individuals who have the experience you need. We’ll partner with you and help you with the load of details that need to be planned and coordinated.

You’ll have a great time and be under a lot less stress when you’re not having to worry about carrying the load yourself. Don’t try to shoulder it alone, call our professionals and everything will go smoothly so you can accomplish your goals!

Event Decorating in Pelham

The look and layout of the space for your event is important, but so is ensuring proper foot traffic flow, having the equipment rented and in place, furnishings ready, and drawing attention to certain focal points where you want people to gather. We know all there is to know about decorating for your function and have the labor available to help get it all set up properly.

Trash & Cleanup Services in Pelham

When it’s all over, you want to be sure the space is left spotless. We step in during the event to empty trash cans, pick up litter, and more. Keeping the area tidy is important. Once trash cans are full, trash will end up everywhere.

Trash receptacles need to be properly spaced out and placed in key areas. Handling this can be that one extra thing you just don’t want to have to worry about, especially at the end of the function when you’re completely exhausted. Instead, utilize our cleanup services and you’ll be free to concentrate on more important matters.

Whether you need our full services or just a few, we’re here for you at Southeastern Convention Services, Inc. Our ready team is standing by to schedule your consultation where we’ll begin to assess your needs. Just give us a call to learn more about how we can help you run your event smoothly and successfully!

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