Marietta, GA Event PlannngWe know what it takes to run a special event here at Southeastern Convention Services. During our two decades of experience, we have helped countless customers take their events to the highest level. We cover every detail for you including proper marketing, to event decoration, and everything in between.

Event Consulting Services in Marietta

We’ve gained a lot of experience over the last two decades, which is why we offer you expert consulting services. We want you to benefit from our experience. We can help you to avoid those common mistakes that everyone experiences when starting out. We help you through every step so you don’t have to worry about your convention or trade show.

Using an event service such as ours at Southeastern Convention Services can bring you much success for your event. If you want to start out miles ahead of your competition, make your professionalism really stand out by utilizing a professional event service like ours. We can give you the boost you need to reach all of your goals, from table signage to traffic flow to design.

Pipe and Draping Service in Marietta

When you use pipe and draping systems at your event, you’ll have a versatile and flexible system set up to organize traffic flow, use as backdrops at a trade show or booth, or to divide specific areas in your space.

Drapes are installed along the poles to further enhance your space with a more decorative detail. They are often also used to create focal points in your space or to help complete your booth.

Pipe and drape systems are also wonderful for lining the ceiling of large reception halls. They are also perfect to use as back drops at art gallery showings. Drapery panels come in a full line of colors so you can easily match your design or another element as you wish.

Trade Show Decoration & Setup in Marietta

Trade shows are not easy to set up for. You need to ensure that you are more noticeable, appear more professional, and that your space is more attractive than your competitors. With our experience, we know what works best and what not to attempt. If you’re looking for the most successful trade show possible, call on our trade show decoration and setup services at Southeastern Convention Services.

Making your space look appealing and professional will attract the attention of everyone at the event. Our services include these additional options and more:

  • Carpeting – area carpets can add a focal design element to your space and do a lot to enhance the look of your event. It also makes nice areas for attendees to rest from the long periods of standing and walking.
  • Furnishings – tables, sitting chairs, stanchions, custom isle markers all help to guide lines of people through your space.
  • Booth Signage – Nothing pops like a good sign. This is the manner in which you provide information in a professional and organized way. Your signage can leave a lasting impression on visitors and can act as tools for your employees who may not know off hand about all of your top products or services.

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