Event Consulting Gets Your Event Going in Birmingham

Birmingham convention services and event planningIf you are thinking of putting on a convention, exposition or even planning a wedding, unless you are a professional, you may need some assistance. At Southeastern Convention Services we have over twenty years of experience in trade shows, expos and conventions and we make our knowledge of how to organize a successful event available to local residents.

We’ll assist you in planning and designing every detail of your event so you can confidently put together a memorable experience. Whether you are an industry leader looking to put on a trade show or an organizer responsible for a non-profit benefit, we can help. Our expertise in design and implementation of events big and small make us the preferred choice for Birmingham event consultation. Consultation is not just for those looking to throw an event. We can also help you grow.

We don’t just consult on HOW to put on your own convention or other event, but also how to market it, utilize high quality material and equipment to make it engaging, decorate it to make it memorable and much more. We’ll help you grow your event to unequalled proportions so that you can enjoy being recognized for your conventions or trade shows year after year. When you need help planning your expo, give us a call.

Birmingham’s Premier Resource for Pipe & Drape

If you’ve ever been to a convention or trade show, you have seen the neatly compartmentalized booths and display areas separated by drapes. Pipe and draping are the telescopic and flexible tubing that provides a frame from which drape panels are hung. This is a powerful and versatile tool that can add elegance and class to any event. The pipes can be assembled in virtually any position, creating a simple framework for exhibitors or an extravagant setup for a wedding. Then, from the pipes are hung drape panels that can be your choice of color or material. Combined with proper lighting, you can decorate a temporary space with any theme imaginable. With pipe and drape services from Southeastern Convention Services, we have a wide selection of drapes to choose from. We also offer design help and consultation so the perfect decorative theme and color scheme can be created for your event. We’ll set up your pipe and draping before your event and break it down after. Pipe and draping serves both a function and aesthetic purpose, as it creates a professional and inviting atmosphere while also keeping sections organized and distinct. For your trade show, convention, expo or black-tie affair, let Southeastern Convention Services handle your pipe and drape service.

Trade Show & Convention Decoration Services for Birmingham

Pipe and drape is a big part of trade show and convention décor, but there are several other elements that play a role in the utility and aesthetics of a show. Custom aisle markers not only fit the theme of the event but also allow for proper flow of movement. Booth signage lets every display be clearly marked with a professional looking sign. Carpeting adds a touch of class to your event while also offering comfort for weary trade show walkers. At Southeastern Convention Services we offer all of these things and more. We provide Birmingham event holders with every aspect of decoration for the entire event. From the top to bottom, themed and carefully chosen décor elements will be installed by our staff. We also offer furnishing and other elements, from tables, chairs and stanchions. We set up and break down all furnishings and décor pieces, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. All you have to do is choose what colors and themes you want for your event and we’ll take care of the rest.

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