Atlanta & The Southeast Trade Show & Convention Audio & Visual Equipment

audio & visual equipment in Atlanta & the SoutheastNo trade show or expo is complete without presentation material. A convention will likely always have speakers and throughout any event announcements need to be made. These are all facilitated by the use of audio and visual equipment. If you are throwing an event and you don’t already have this equipment, renting from a third party supplier may prove to be an expensive endeavor.

At Southeastern Convention Services, we truly are your one stop shop for all things convention related as we also provide audio and visual equipment of all kinds. We have a tremendous stock of high quality and well maintained equipment for any of your event needs. We can offer you any amount of audio and visual equipment necessary as well as the labor to hook it all up.

We’ll have your event wired and mic’d in no time so you can rest assured your message will be seen and heard. That is why we are the top choice in all of the Southeast for quality convention audio and visual media equipment rentals.

Microphones, Cables, & Projectors

At Southeastern Convention Services, conventions, trade shows, expos and events are our business. For that reason we take special care to stock a large inventory of high tech and quality media equipment. We offer LCD projectors, lavalier microphones, sound cables, overhead projectors and more. Whatever you need to get your message across to your attendees, Southeastern Convention Services can provide. We offer you total no hassle set up for all of your audio and visual needs at an affordable price. As always, when you work with us you will never have to worry about hidden fees.

Whether you are showing a multimedia presentation, have a speaker or simply need to be able to make announcements, Southeastern Convention Services can supply your event with all of the audio and visual equipment you need. We also offer quick and efficient labor for set up and break down. You won’t have to worry about a thing, just let Southeastern Convention Services handle all of your presentation equipment details.

Our Atlanta Trade Show & Convention Audio & Visual Equipment Resource Provides the Following Services

  • Lavalier Microphones
  • LCD Projectors
  • Overhead Projectors
  • Sound Cables
  • Equipment Setup & Breakdown

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